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Norton Symbian Hack by Coderus

Uploaded by Alyfadly

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Symbian Hacked...again! Norton Security
No Need to Cert and Key!!!

You can't beleve this!
Symbian hack by Norton Security By

norton symbian.sisx


How to hack?
1. install NortonSymbianHack.sisx
2. Launch
3. Go Options- Anti-Virus - Quarantine list
4. Go Options - Restore, accept prompt
5. Exit application, delete from App
manager ( Symantec Symbian Hack ). Also delete c:\shared\ folder.
6. Install RomPatcherPlus_3.1.sisx
7. Launch and apply patches:
- Open4all for full access to file system
- Installserver for installing any unsigned applications ( if red cross - get installserver.exe
here instalserver Pack)
Set patches to auto if needed (Options - Add to auto)
Hacked successfuly =)



Rating: 5, Quality: Excellent


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